Interview with photographer Lauren Bath

Gepubliceerd: 03 mrt 2016 | Foto: Interview with Lauren Bath!

I’m a big fan of the Australian photographer Lauren Bath for years. I like the style how she captured the world with her camera. This week it was finally the moment, I interviewed Lauren Bath about her photography career. Here we go!

Let’s introduce Lauren Bath, who is Lauren Bath?

Hi, I’m a chef turned travel photographer who has inadvertently become a source of inspiration to some and it’s all thanks to Instagram. I started using Instagram in 2011, grew a large following by 2012 and quit my job in 2013 to focus on monetizing my reach working in the tourism industry.

My job now? I call myself a freelance social media marketer and I have led this field in Australia for more than three years now. I work for tourism boards and travel brands full time promoting them on social media.

Photographer Lauren Bath!

Photographer Lauren Bath!

You quite your job in 2013 to start as a professional Instagrammer. How was that transition?

The transition from chef to professional instagrammer was easier than I thought it would be. Originally when I quit my job I envisioned spending my days working on photography projects and taking the odd opportunity that crossed my path. I was also working on a mobile application that I wanted to spend more time finishing. Not only did I not get to that app but also my days of photography projects never materialized either. I got a number of opportunities in the first month that helped me to decide what I really wanted to focus on, tourism, and I took the initiative and started pitching my services far and wide. Within 6 months I had a pretty good idea of what I was selling and how to prove the value of it and I haven’t looked back since.

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

What’s the schedule of an average day in the life of Lauren Bath?

Well that is split between whether I’m at home or on a job.

At home: Wake up early and spend a minimum of one hour on various social media platforms uploading client content. I use Instagram, Facebook, Steller, Trover, Twitter, Google+ and August regularly.

Time for a coffee and hit the desk to work on any number of administrative tasks such as emails, reports, invoicing, writing assignments, job pitches or new projects.

Basically do that all day and night with breaks for more social media.

On a job: Wake up pre sunrise and go shooting. Breakfast with time for editing and Instagram. Post breakfast time for shooting and scouting then lunch and hopefully an afternoon break for more social media and emails.

Afternoon is spent shooting followed by dinner and either night shooting or an early night.

I’m often hosted so I have a tourism or brand representative with me helping me to find photogenic locations and experience the best that a region has to offer.

Broome Camel Safari's - Australia

Broome Camel Safari’s – Australia

You have been taken pictures at several beautiful places around the world. What’s your favorite place? 

It’s still Alberta Canada. I get asked this all the time! New destinations can get close to the top spot but nothing has quite replaced Alberta as my fave.

Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada

Of all the beautiful pictures you’ve taken so far, which photo are you most proud of?

If Alberta is my favorite place it hasn’t been my favorite job, that title goes to the Kimberly in Western Australia and it was here that I took the photo I am most proud of. It’s of a family of wild horses running through a wet field and shot from a helicopter.

Wild Horses, Kimberly, Western Australia

Wild Horses, Kimberly, Western Australia

Which photo has given you the best memories?

I love my shots of the aurora I witnessed and photographed in Saariselkä Finland. They never fail to take me back to the exhilaration I felt.

You are born in Australia, what’s the most beautiful place in Australia?

These questions are hard!! I have visited every nook and cranny of Australia and I love every place! Here’s one from each state –

Queensland – The Great Barrier Reef
New South Wales – Sydney Harbor is hard to beat
Victoria – The Great Ocean Road
ACT – National Arboretum has great views
South Australia – Kangaroo Island
Tasmania – Bay of Fires
Western Australia – The Horizontal Waterfall
Northern Territory – Uluru

Koala, Australia

Koala, Australia

Bundaberg, Australia

Bundaberg, Australia

Which places on earth do you want to photograph?

Norway has been high on the list as well as the Chilean side of Patagonia and Antarctica of course. Alaska and Greenland are on my radar too!

Have you ever been in The Netherlands? If yes, did you take some nice pictures there and can you show us some? If no, do you have the intention to go to the Netherlands some day? And what would you like to capture on photo in the Netherlands?

I haven’t been yet but I hope that work gives me the opportunity to do so as I’ve heard wonderful things.

What’s the secret of a good photo?

To be honest I’m not a great photographer. My philosophy towards my own photography is to capture a variety of scenes in an approachable way as I believe that helps to share the full story of a destination.

Northern light, Finland

Northern light, Finland

Which place on the world is on top of your list where you would like to go and capture it on photo’s?


Do you have any tips for our followers to make the perfect travel photo?

Definitely good light. This is the number one factor to take an average photo to a wow photo.

Wanaka tree, New Zealand

Wanaka tree, New Zealand

Inari, Finland

Inari, Finland

What’s you next travel destination?


More inspiration from Lauren Bath?  

Visit her website for a complete gallery and more information about Lauren. 

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